Saturday, April 13, 2013

GoodGame Empire Hack Free Rubies Generator v2.0 – Download

GoodGame Empire is an extensive multiplayer strategy game played in real time, one of the most popular games produced by the German company GoodGame Studios. Currently, it has over 13 million players around the world.

The game takes on the role of the king of our empire which we build walls between their different types of buildings – a quarry, farm and other buildings for the manufacture of raw materials and the creation of our combat units, siege weapons, and more.

If you are looking for an application that will help you get free rubies and gold in the GoodGame Empire is the right place!
Alex on our team found a loophole in the game and used it to get free rubies and gold in the game GoodGame Empire created a cheat that is called GoodGame Empire Rubies Generator v2.0 – software that sneaks into the database on the server game GoodGame Empire and change the properties of rubies and gold currently logged in user.

GoodGame Empire Free Rubies Hack


File name: GoodGame Empire Rubies Generator v2.0
(Link to download below)Download GoodGame Empire Rubies Generator v2.0

Download GoodGame Empire Rubies Generator v2.0 mirror1

Cheats for Rubies to GoodGame Empire, short instruction step by step How to get for free Rubies and Golds to online browser game.

1. Run file GoodGame Empire Rubies Generator v2.0.exe

2. Then the first thing you have to do is log on to the game.

3. When you log in, minimize the game window and the program press the “Connect” or “Check the currently logged user”

4. After a successful inspection of the currently logged in user in miejsu where it says “Check the currently logged user” should pop up on the green “Character found: nickname from the game.” example below

5. There are only a step away from the get free rubies in both boxes where it says “How many need?” specify the value of rubies and gold. The values ​​should be given without any commas or periods.

6. Then click “Get It!”

7. Program will generate for our account rubies may take a few minutes then if the process is successful, a message pops up that rubies have been added to your account and you should relogin.


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