Saturday, January 4, 2014

Travian bot – Download farm bot script

Travian bot

New script version V1.5.0

Full auto farmbot . Exp, war, win!

Last update: 03 January (Friday) 2014
New travian bot undetectable and even faster many more options.
Worked in all versions game.
travian 300x225 Travian bot   Download farm bot script

Options :

  • AutoExp
  • AutoBuilding
  • AutoAtack
  • Creator army
  • Reports send to e-mail ( daily )
  • Farmbot and more

Best available Travian bot

Description :

Travian bot has already been a classic free approach games and also essentially the most popular browser games inside the history of the style. Action travian bot download tears at a moment when “all roads result in Rome”, while players control one of several 3 available tribes, develop and compete to build the specified time Remarkable.
Construction on the village is relatively rapidly and after completion off tasks dostawanych the course, management is limited for the construction of other buildings and recruitment of an individual – this requires sacrificing about 30 minutes a day.If you search travian tactics bot you find here. In administration travian farm bot, it helps to help is very detailed and gives a great deal of information about our faction program. We can monitor the amount of we have the raw material which appears to be the state of your settlements, and through it to get in touch with other players within your server. Reports travian script received after executing various tasks provide insight into the potency of our management of the army.
We commence with the selection portion of what you should play witch travian script – we all play the Romans, Gauls and also Teutonami. Each faction has slightly cool features – Gauls are masters of defense, Teutons specialize inside attack, and the Romans are seated as if between them. Just about every faction has 10 special units, dividing by walking, cavalry or siege engines, which have their unique statistics – strike, defense and swiftness. Units are reinforced by special figures, which may grow and still have a strong effect on our armed service is travian farm bot. As you progress inside game heroes slide by performing various tasks new equipment, increasing its strength and a higher level leadership buy travian bots.

Travian bot


a9j7 Travian bot   Download farm bot script
aol5 Travian bot   Download farm bot script
n5gg Travian bot   Download farm bot script
beznazwywme Travian bot   Download farm bot script

About travian bot

Travian is already a classic and essentially the most popular free visitor based strategy which has ever been created. A large gambler base, gradually Expanding games and great balance factions that you can get in the sport – a decisive selling point of this great tactic. Graphics as My travian bot 2014 spouse and i wrote before and is particularly heavily inspired through the adventures . Through the years, TOP has a high interest.


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